Virtual Event Coverage

Virtual Event Coverage

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Virtual events are the new normal.  

With so many now in the market, the message of your event or the event your brand is sponsoring could get lost in the noise.

Showcase your digital event — or your presence at one — with our virtual event coverage.

Coverage will: 

  • Ensure your brand stands out in the digital conversation around the event.
  • Drive engagement on your social media channels.
  • Expand the reach of your event (or sponsorship) into digital conversations.
  • Grow your audience for post-event digital communication.
  • Generate conversion opportunities.
  • Capture content to feed content channels for approximately one to four weeks.

Our team of expert digital content creators, analysts, marketers and designers will attend the event to capture industry insights, key moments, and powerful thought leadership from the speakers. Then, in near real-time, we will create a high volume of content for three of your social media channels so your brand can be a leader in the event conversation. 

After the event, we’ll send you all the content we created PLUS 25 additional social media posts recapping the event’s highlights and key insights. 

Our virtual event coverage includes: 

  • Discovery call to learn about your event, the audience and your marketing goals. 
  • A visual template system in a Photoshop file that your team can use to create additional social media content about your event or future events. You’ll get input on the design and one round of feedback. 
  • A dedicated digital marketing coverage team for four hours during a digital event, which includes two writers, two designers, a managing editor, an audience engagement editor and a client lead to answer any questions you have throughout the event. 
  • A post-event package of 25 pieces of content for your social media channels. 
  • All content created during the event, plus Photoshop files with the visual look and feel of the content. 

How this works:

  1. Purchase our Virtual Event Coverage product.
  2. Within 24 hours we will reach out to book an onboarding call to learn about your event, your digital audience and meet your event marketing team. We’ll take some time on this call to walk you through our digital event coverage in detail and let you know what we need from your team to make it a success. 
  3. Within five days, we’ll book a call with you to walk through our coverage plan for your event. This will include an editorial approach, a visual template system to bring the content published during the event to life, and a detailed description of how our process works. 
  4. On the day of your event, we’ll cover it in near real-time on your social media channels to showcase the speakers, content and thought leadership to your audience and the wider industry. 
  5. A week after the event, we’ll provide you with 25 additional posts recapping the highlights of the event for your channels, plus all the content we created during your event and the Photoshop files with the visual template system.  

We create custom packages for digital events longer than four hours. If that’s you, contact us to discuss your goals.