Channel Content Audit

Channel Content Audit

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Your Instagram engagement has plummeted. Or maybe your LinkedIn page isn’t driving leads like it used to. Sounds like it’s time for a Channel Content Audit.  

Our content audit will provide actionable steps to transform one of your digital marketing channels from a lacklustre source of vanity metrics into a powerhouse of results based on your goals.

Our content experts will review and analyze the content on one of your company’s digital marketing channels — like social media, video, email, blogs, etc. — and provide ideas on adjusting your approach. 

Our arms-length perspective on one of your channels will help you: 

  • Learn why the impact of your content has shifted. 
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of your channel content. 
  • Uncover gaps in that channel’s content mix. 
  • Suggestions on optimizing visuals or video for the channel.
  • Apply the latest best practices to optimize reach and engagement.
  • Indicate new ways to reach and connect with users.

This review includes:

  • A discovery call to learn about your business, the channel you’re looking to review and your marketing goals. 
  • Analysis of your content approach and execution on one your digital marketing channels. 
  • Review of how you are applying that channel’s best practices to your content.
  • Call with our team to walk through key insights and actionable recommendations for your content. 
  • A report outlining our findings and actionable recommendations. 

Time to Delivery: Within 7 business days. 

How this works:

  1. Purchase our Channel Content Audit.
  2. Within 24 hours, we will reach out to book a discovery call to learn about your business, your channel challenges and your goals.
  3. About a week later, we’ll reach out to book a phone call to walk you and your team through the executive summary of our analysis. 
  4. Moments after that call, we’ll follow up with an email providing the full report.

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